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Principle Software Engineer
  • Domain Driven Design. Helping business members and code developers speak the same language. Making software that expresses the domain/business experts terminology, centered around the core parts of business; working around solving the most important problems with the right words so everyone can understand.
  • Event Driven Design. Capture events that contain business value. If you have the data, you can use it; if you don't capture it, you can't go back in time and get it.
  • UX & UI. Delivering delight to the user's experience that looks, feels, and functions fabulously
  • PHP, Java, JS, CSS, HTML
  • Android & iOS app development
  • WCAG & ADA Accessibility compliance. For most people, accessibility makes things easier. For people with disabilities, it makes things possible.
  • Living style guides, code standards
  • Educational material & on-site training
  • Advanced performance optimization
  • Autotelic software development