What I've done

Amazon Web Services (AWS) logo with a dark background featuring orange lines
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Senior Front-End Engineer
  • Proposed and got approval for 5 components used across all AWS consoles.
  • Improved build times for consoles by over 30%.
  • Brought 2 products through the lifecycle to successfully deliver them to customers.
  • Identified and reduced 20+ customer pain-points.

Our team owns multiple AWS (Amazon Web Services) consoles (with more on the way) and a couple of internal tools. Our products empower users to manage their hosted zones using a web console, record sets, routing, health checks, domains, query logging, resolvers and service discovery.

Skava (an Infosys company) website featuring Skava underneath the Infosys splashline
Skava, an Infosys company
Senior Lead Technical Architect
  • Writing and managing tens of millions of lines of code
  • Multi-week on-site workshops across the world for internal & external training
  • Designing & leading development on a full stack development accelerator
  • Creating a modular customization engine following atomic design
  • Platform documentation for internal & external consumption
  • Project leadership & support for teams in New York & San Francisco (USA), Vancouver (Canada), and Coimbatore (India)
  • Continuous integration, continuous delivery and automation process definition and implementation of build automation, code quality & test coverage, continuous monitoring of application health and notifications.
  • Developing a scalable & maintainable end to end e-commerce framework

Stack: created 100s of internal libraries, react, styled-components, mobx, graphql-modules, apollo, api integration, typescript, babel, nginx, brotli, docker, kubernetes, jenkins, webpack, lerna, jest, react-testing-library, jest, puppeteer, storybook, linting, verdaccio, pm2, google tag manager, internal typescript + babel + webpack + eslint + vscode plugins.

The Grid, AI websites, screenshot of the website homepage.
The Grid
Principal Front End Engineer
  • Writing and managing millions of lines of code
  • Full stack architecture & development
  • Defined and formalized development processes, code quality and testing standards, feature development process and review standards
  • Frictionless onboarding and authentication flows (SSO, OAuth) for cross application user identification and auth, passwordless auth and general elimination of the barrier to entry for customers accessing the services
  • User API & Payment API, integration with Stripe & Bitcoin
  • Managed feature development across an entirely remote team
  • Creating a build & deployment CICD pipeline integrated with AWS
  • SPA (Single Page Application) & PWA (Progressive Web Application) featureset for customization, offline availability with service workers, and push notifications

A.I. websites that design themselves.

Github contributions and orgs contributed to
Open Source
Contributor, Mentor

webpack, lodash, inferno (react), babel, kind-of, AMP, mobx, ramda, eslint, prettier, fs-jetpack, fusebox, styled-components, stylelint, storybook, faker, jsdoc, js.org, whatwg, google documentation, mozilla documentation, webpack documentation, schema.org, fliplog, frisbee, graphql-modules, chain-able, webpack-chain, neutrino, npm-run, noflo, phpflo, fbp, ahr, adr, php fig-standards, Aura, tactician, metascala, immer, es6-tools, DefinitelyTyped, awesome lists (awesome-deopts, awesome-node, awesome-javascript, awesome-webpack, awesome-redux, awesome-fluents, awesome-advice, awesome-json), immutablejs, storybook, usgov accessibility,emoji-commits, doxdox, docs, jsdoc, happypack, atlas, immer, meow

Garner website featuring clients and company tagline
Software Engineering Consultant
  • PIM (Product Inventory Management) in Domain Driven Design
  • Site Redesign & POC implementation
  • Java, PHP, JS, CSS, HTML

Garner Products is the trusted, world leading manufacturer of NSA-listed hard drive degaussers, erasers, and sanitizers

Teainahat logo
Principle Software Engineer
  • Domain Driven Design. Helping business members and code developers speak the same language. Making software that expresses the domain/business experts terminology, centered around the core parts of business; working around solving the most important problems with the right words so everyone can understand.
  • Event Driven Design. Capture events that contain business value. If you have the data, you can use it; if you don't capture it, you can't go back in time and get it.
  • UX & UI. Delivering delight to the user's experience that looks, feels, and functions fabulously
  • PHP, Java, JS, CSS, HTML
  • Android & iOS app development
  • WCAG & ADA Accessibility compliance. For most people, accessibility makes things easier. For people with disabilities, it makes things possible.
  • Living style guides, code standards
  • Educational material & on-site training
  • Advanced performance optimization
  • Autotelic software development